The VII PANNDT is a regional meeting, in which we expect a many delegates to assist from Pan-American Region, Europe and Asia. The participants are directly involved with the Nondestructive Testing in areas such as:

  • Equipment manufacturing.
  • Inspection services.
  • Investigation and development of applications.

To this end, this event invites:

  • Businessmen with the power of Decision.
  • Nondestructive testing societies from around the world.
  • Integrated service provider enterprises.
  • Professionals, young people from universities and technological centers.
  • Companies that manufacture equipment, recognized worldwide for their quality and reliability.
  • Integrated service provider companies and the principle world order classifying firms.
  • Research and applications development Companies.


Plenary Sessions:

These will be imparted by world renowned lecturers on the subjects of nondestructive testing and welding inspection.

Technical Sessions:

During 4 days we will have the opportunity to listen to the advances in science and technology applied to welding inspection and nondestructive testing, as well as novel applications and new inspection methods.


In the Hermes Hall there will be an exhibition with over 60 companies specializing in equipment and materials for welding inspection, nondestructive testing, as well as the presence of renowned investigation and development centers.


The panels are dedicated to the students of the different schools and centers for development and investigation so that they may present the advances in their in their investigative work.


In this exhibition, space has been reserved for entrepreneurs of small and medium businesses to have a forum where they can present their welding and nondestructive testing products and services.

Exchange and Networking:

This is a great opportunity to interact with scientists, technicians and designers of equipment, materials and inspection systems, dedicated to nondestructive testing and welding inspection.